How To: Perform Havdallah after Shabbat ends

Perform Havdallah after Shabbat ends

This instructional video, produced by Jewish Pathways, demonstrates how to perform Havdallah after Shabbat ends. Hadvallah is a Jewish religious ceremony that marks the symbolic end of Shabbat and holidays, ushering in the new week.

In Judaism, Shabbat ends -- and the new week begins -- at nightfall on Saturday. Havdalah may be recited as soon as there are three stars visible in the night sky. Some like to delay the Havdalah, in order to prolong Shabbat. If for some reason one cannot recite Havdalah on Saturday night, it may be observed as late as Tuesday evening.

Havdalah is normally recited over kosher wine or grape juice, but other beverages (except for water) may be used if kosher wine or grape juice is unavailable. A special braided Havdalah candle with more than one wick is lit, and a prayer is recited; also, oddly enough, it is customary to gaze at one's fingernails to reflect the light of the candle.

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