How To: Affix a mezuzah to a doorpost of a Jewish home

Affix a mezuzah to a doorpost of a Jewish home

This animated video, produced by Jewish Pathways, demonstrates how to affix a mezuzah to a doorpost. In Judaism, the mezuzah (or mezuza) is a parchment inscribed with religious texts that is attached in a case to the doorpost or doorframe of a Jewish house as a sign of faith.

To attach your mezuzah to your doorpost, take your kosher mezuzah scroll, place it with the letters facing up, and roll it, starting from left and rolling towards the right. On the outside of the scroll, you'll see letters that spell the name of God, Shaddai. Once your scroll is rolled up, place it inside of piece of wax paper to help protect it. Now place the scroll safely inside a decorative case and hang it from the right doorpost of your Jewish home.

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